Early Season Tomato

Early Wonder – Round dark pink tomato. Weight average is about 6 oz. perfect for short season areas. 55 days

Glacier– The taste is sweet yet rich. A very flavorful 2-3 oz tomato. Determinate. 58 days

Legend– This very early variety sets a large 8 oz fruit that are glossy red and round with very good flavor that is a blend of sugars and acids. This combination of great taste, few seeds, earliness, and strong disease resistance is a keeper. 68 days

Mid Season Tomato

Stupice – Extremely early cold-tolerant.

   Bears 2 oz. flavorful sweet tomatoes. 52 days

Brandy Red (Landis Valley Strain)- Produces medium-sized, 8oz. Round, smooth red fruit that are juicy and loaded with intense tomato flavor. This  is a different strain than regular Brandy Red, which has a much larger and more ribbed tomato. Expect high yields for this very flavorful tomato. 78 days

Keepsake Hybrid-  This is a long keeper tomato. Very good flavor and extended storage ability. Has 7 to 8 oz. bright red tomatoes, full fresh  sweet flavor. 70 days

Wisconsin 55 – excellent and versatile with great flavor and lots of sweetness. About 8 oz. Plants are extremely productive. 78 days

 Paste Tomato

Jersey Devil – Prolific variety with 4 to 6 inch long tapered red fruit shaped like a banana pepper. Great for sauces, salsas, very meaty and sweet. Yield is impressive. 80 days

Small Fruited

Grape Tomato – Grape like clusters. Very sweet. Tolerant to heat and a number of tomato diseases. 60 days

White and Yellow Tomato

Snow White – cherry tomato ripen to a pale yellow. Deliciously sweet. 75 days

Sweet Gold Hybrid – Vigorous vines, clusters of ½ oz. bright yellow-gold cherry tomatoes. Sweeter than red cheery tomatoes. 60 days

Yellow Currant – tomato that bears long, grape-like 1/3 inch. They are sweet and intense tomato flavor. Great for salads. 70 days

Yellow Pear – Miniature pear shape 1-¾ to 2 inches long. Delightful sweet. 78 days   

Heirloom Tomatoes

Anna Russian – Heirloom handed down to an Oregon women, from a Russian immigrant. Large juicy pinkish-red heart shaped about 1 lb. in weight. Flavor is superb. 70 days

Magnus – Heirloom, originally from the Livingston Collection and offered in early 1900. The fruit is sweet , juicy and very flavorful. 73 days

Old Ivory Egg – This fruit is the size, shape, and approximate color of a chicken’s egg. Pale ivory fruit will eventually turn a creamy yellow and has a mild sweet flavor. 80 days

Russian Rose – Tomatoes are large rose-pink globes with excellent, sweet, full tomato flavor. Average size about 12 oz. with meaty flesh. 78 days


Cisineros Tomatillo – twice the size of tomatoes, making prep for salsas even easier. Apple-green like with papery husk that split open as they mature. Bright green stage for tartest flavor or allow to fully ripen for a sweeter taste. 75 days

Pineapple Stamatelos – This pepper has a sweet , fruity taste that reminds you of pineapple. Again great for salsa with a fruit ingredient. 75 days

Purple Tomatillos – Sweet yet tart flavor. Great for Mexican dishes. Vigorous and productive plants. 75-85 days


Black Beauty – nearly 100 yrs old. perfect for slicing into thick pieces for grilling.   80 days

Cloud Nine Hybrid – nicest white eggplant. Has a delicate flavor. Harvest when about 7 in long. 75 days

Machiaw Hybrid – 9 to 12 in long. Not bitter easy to chop into small bits. 65 days

Nadia Hybrid – Shape is elongated oval to 9 in long. Fruit has a very firm flesh with a slow seed development, prolonging fruit quality. 70 days

Sweet Pepper

Ariane Hybrid – Rich orange color and fabulous sweet flavor in a bell pepper. 68 days

The Big Early Hybrid – Elongated bell that is big enough to make stuffed peppers for two. 8 inches long x 4 ½ wide. Crisp and has a sweet flavor. 70 days 

Blushing Beauty Hybrid – Appears ivory then turns blushes to light red and orange-red, and finally to deep scarlet. Fine and sweet flavor. Resistance to a number of viruses and bacterial leaf spot. 72 days

Bounty Hybrid – Version of a sweet banana. 9 to 10 inches long and 2 inches across. Turns from yellow to orange then finally red. 65 days

Sweet Banana – 5-½ to 6 inches long. Great for fried or cut up into salads. 72 days

Sweet Cayenne – long sweet and grows up to 1 ft long. Perfect for stir fried. 75 days

Tequila Hybrid – amethyst color pepper is from Holland. Virus, resistant and tolerant to blossom end rot. 72 days

Hot Pepper

Big Bomb Hybrid – medium hot flavor,  perfect for pickling. Vigorous plant. 62 days

Big Chile Hybrid – Use for roasting, peeling. Very pungency. 68 days

Bulgarian Carrot – 3-½ in. long. great for salsa, sauces, and even pepper jelly.67 days

Cherry Hybrid – Pungency is medium-hot. 65 days

Habanero – blistering hot pepper. 2-½ in long. light green then turns golden orange. 90-100 days

Holy Mole Hybrid – this pepper has a nutty, spicy and smoky flavor. 80 days

Jamaican Hot Chocolate – resembles dates or prunes. extremely hot Caribbean flavor that is strong and smoky. 85 days

Kung Pao Hybrid – Oriental pepper. This pepper has a 10,000 scoville units, so should be eaten with care. 85 days

Pepperoni – 4 in long. Have a mildly hot but exciting flavor. Great for Greek salads and salad bars.62 days

Ring of Fire – Extremely hot , pencil thin Cayenne-type pepper. Good choice for short season. 60 days

Trinidad Perfume – a seasoning pepper, has no heat. 80-85 days

Yellow Mushroom – this is an extremely hot pepper. Especially good for pickled. 80 days