Shrubs, with their variety in sizes and shapes, add a distinctive enhancement to any landscaping project.

Our  professional staff can  advise you of the best shrubs that meet your needs pertaining to shade, tolerance, hardiness, soil and water requirements.  There are three groups of shrubs: 

  • Dwarf Shrub—Usually under four feet in height.  They work excellent in rock gardens or any location with limited space.  Many smaller shrubs bloom earlier and last longer than larger varieties.
  • Intermediate Shrub—Range in size from four to six feet.  They work excellent near corners of buildings, around patios, and privacy borders.  Many varieties of this size have colorful leaves along with beautiful flowers.
  • Tall Shrub—Range six feet or higher.  They make wonderful screening for privacy.  These shrubs also make marvelous foundation plantings for large buildings and businesses.  

Shrub Varieties 

  • Japanese Barberry—A dense spiney shrub with red fall color and red berries all winter.
  • Golden—Variety has golden foliage;  does best in partial shade and where drainage is good.
  • Rose Glow—Variety is dense 3’– 4’ height and width with pink and red marbled leaves all summer. 
  • Dwarf Summer Blooming Spirea—Spireas are covered with flat clusters of flowers in June and again off and on all summer, especially if the old flowers are pruned.  Spireas grow in sun or partial shade.  They are great in shrub groups, mass planting and low hedges.
  • Goldmound Spirea—A very dense 2’ shrub with golden yellow leaves all summer and pink flowers.  Grow in sun or partial shade.
  • Goldflame Spirea—The leaves come out red in the spring then turn golden yellow for the summer and then red again in fall.  Light pink flowers complete this 2’ – 3’  shrub.
  • Annabelle Hydrangea—has huge snow-white, globe shaped flowers that appear in June and remain in full bloom during July and August.  The hydrangea gets about 4’ height.  Does well in sun or shade.
  • Flowering Pink Delight Weigela—Trumpet shaped deep pink flowers cover the plants in June.  Weigelas grow to 4’ – 5’  height.  They like full sun and good soil.
  • French Hybrid Lilacs-Sensation—Largest and most beautiful of all the lilacs.  They have large green leaves and the shrub has a very nice habit of growth.  The Sensation lilac likes full sun, grows 12’ – 15’  in height.  Blooms in spring.
  • Snowball Viburnum—A large upright shrub.  White snowball-shaped flowers in early spring likes sun to part shade, grows up to 8’ height. 


They grow the best when well fertilized and watered.  They like to be cut back and covered during our hard winters. 

  • Chuckles shrub rose—Clusters of large, single deep rose-pink flowers, produce flowers all season.  Grows to 2’ height.  Hardy rose.  Full sun to partial shade.
  • Nearly wild shrub rose—This is a low growing shrub style with loads of single pink flowers that produce all season long.  This rose bush will die back to crown in most winters but renews itself quickly each spring.  Grows up to 2’ height, likes full sun to partial shade.

Azaleas & Rhododendrons

Azaleas have 1” – 1½”flowers covering the plant in May.  They prefer part to full sun, well drained acid soil, and even moisture.  The can be used as single plants near a house or in masses at the edge of the woods.  Azaleas grow to 3’  – 6’  height, and bloom in late spring.  The University of Minnesota has developed a series of lights Azaleas:  Golden lights, Northern Hi-lights, Northern lights, Orchid lights, Rosy lights, Spicy lights, White lights.

Rhododendrons are covered with flowers in the spring.  In cold windy climates, plant in a protected location.  They like part sun, they grow 3’ – 6’ height and bloom in spring. 


Evergreens and shrubs are an ideal combination for effective landscaping. 

The needled evergreens range in size from low ground covers, to towering, impressive trees.  No other group of plants will provide the gardener with a wider variety of forms and textures.  Evergreens solve many landscape problems and are beautiful during winter months. 

  • Birds nest Spruce is a slow growing dwarf evergreen that likes part sun and grows to only 2’ – 3’ height.  It’s a hardy plant for rock gardens and specimen use.
  • Globe Arborvitae has a rich green foliage.  Likes full sun to full shade, grows 3’ – 5’ height and width.  Retain its globe shape without trimming.  Needs some winter shade.
  • American Arborvitae—The Arborvitae or White Cedar as it is some times called, has soft green foliage.  It can grow in sun or shade but some varieties may winterburn in full sun.  The tall varieties can grow 15’ – 30’ tall.
  • Creeping Juniper—A group of dense ground hugging evergreens that fit well in front of low windows, on beams, and as a ground cover.  Creeping Junipers like sun and will tolerate dry and poor soil.
  • Spreading Yews—Ideal evergreen shrub with broad, thick, dark green needles.  Likes far north and east sides of building or any areas with minimum sun.  Their growth is 3’ –5’ x 4’ –5’.
  • Evergreen trees—These lush attractive trees remain evergreen, providing the color of spring and summer even during the drab, colorless days of winter.  The Norway Spruce when planted in moist, rich soil is the fastest growing of the Spruce family.  Like full to part sun.  Grows as tall as 50’ – 60’. 

Ornamental trees

Provide a delightful dimension to the annual parade of seasons with colorful flowers, leaves, fruit and spectacular fall hues.

Flowering Crabapple is a very dependable tree that is hardy and tolerates well drained soil.  It has colorful flowers and showy fruits for the birds. 

Patio trees

Some varieties of shrubs and trees make excellent landscape accents when grafted or trained as trees. 

Dwarf Korean Lilac is a very attractive small globe shaped, fragrant lilac tree producing abundantly in late spring.